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I am making one rails application which is integreted with RabbiMQ.
I want to integrate Fuse ESB in my application, but still after google I am not confirmed that RabbitMQ supports to Fuse ESB or not.
Can anybody tell me that RabbitMQ supports Fuse ESB or not?

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FUSE ESB contains a messaging infrastructure based on the JMS technology of Apache ActiveMQ. ActiveMQ is not interoperable out-of-the-box with AMQP systems like RabbitMQ.

However, Apache Camel (also part of FUSE) supports AMQP via the client API of the Apache Qpid project. Since both Qpid and RabbitMQ implement the AMQP messaging standard, you may be able to communicate with a RabbitMQ broker from a Qpid client. There are some potential issues and solutions associated with this approach outlined here.

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I tried this but I couldn't get Camel/Qpid working with RabbitMQ at all. I ended up doing it via Spring's AMQP Module and a component I found on Github. I wrote up a blog post on it here with more details. – artgon Feb 12 '12 at 0:08

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