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This question is kinda simple (don't be so harsh with me), but I can't get a code-beautiful solution. I have the following code:

ARGF.each_line do |line|
  arguments = line.split(',')
    arguments.each do |task|
    puts "#{task} result"

It simply read from the standard input numbers. I use it this way:

echo "1,2,3" | ruby prog.rb

The output desired is

1 result
2 result
3 result

But the actual output is

1 result
2 result

It seems like there's a newline character introduced. I'm skipping something?

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puts task.inspect would have shown that there was a newline in task. –  Andrew Grimm Jun 14 '11 at 13:08

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Each line ends in a newline character, so splitting on commas in your example means that the last token is 3\n. Printing this prints 3 and then a newline.

Try using

arguments = line.chomp.split(',')

To remove the trailing newlines before splitting.

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Your stdin input includes a trailing newline character. Try calling line.chomp! as the first instruction in your each_line block.

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