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I'm designing a system consisted of many applications (web apps, deamons for data importing/exporting etc) using one API to get to databases, services and other resources. This API (let's call it a System API) is also exposed on the Internet as a web-service. One of features of the System API is searching for resources (like some invoices, agreements etc) using search criteria. And my problem is: "how to design the way of passing the search criteria to the web service".

My solution of this problem is "as a string" ;) I mean something like:

WebServiceApiImpl.getDocuments("eq(type, invoice) and lt(invoice_amount, 100)")

Then on server side after obtaining request I'd do something like

Criteria crit =

I won't make a secret that later this Criteria crit object would be used to generate WHERE clause in SQL query and then DB will be queried.

My solution will work but I wonder if some better solition exists. Have you any thoughts?

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Personally I don't like the approach where you just model everything as

method(String put_here_an_undetermined_CLOB_and_break_it_up_on_the_server_side).

Your specific case (search query) could maybe be an acceptable example of this practice, but I'd look at how other search services model their APIs, first.

Google, for example: Or Yahoo:

These are probably too complex for your situation, but may help you design a more structured, XML-based signature for your query service.

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