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I'm trying to bind FontWeight in datagrid to a property in code and getting a xamlparseexception. This is the code

                        CellStyle="{StaticResource ListColumnStyle}"
                        Binding="{Binding Date}"
                        FontWeight="{Binding StatusToFont}"

and the property is defined as

public FontWeight StatusToFont 
                return FontWeights.SemiBold;

Anyone sees any issue in this ?


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A DataGridTextColumn does not support bindings on FontWeight, cause it´s not a DependencyProperty.

A workaraound is to use a DataGridTemplateColumn and specify a TextBox as DataTemplate. On the TextBox you can apply any bindings that are supported on a TextBox.

  <sdk:DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Date" 
                    CellStyle="{StaticResource ListColumnStyle}"
                    Binding="{Binding Date}"
        <TextBlock FontWeight="{Binding StatusToFont}"/>
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thank you. That did the trick. –  user642770 Jun 14 '11 at 12:50

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