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So I'm using @font-face for my portfolio website, and all is OK in Chrome, Firefox and Safari - but IE is proving a problem.

The following is in my CSS file;

@font-face {
src: url('sources/League_Gothic.otf')format('opentype');

And then for IE, I have the following on the main HTML page.

<!--[if IE]>

<style type="text/css" media="screen">

    src: url('sources/league_gothic-webfont.eot');



I created the .eot file from the .oft file on Font Squirrel, but IE continues to just use the default Times New Roman.

Any suggestions?

PS. My site is at

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Try using the Font Spring-syntax. – Jonas Stensved Jun 14 '11 at 12:08

Fontsquirrel offers a "font-face package" download, which contains not only the various fonts themselves, but also a CSS stylesheet to put them on your page. Look at the generated stylesheet; it's not perfect for production use, but it does work in all the browsers you mention, and you can use it as a basis for your own stylesheets. (This once, conditional comments aren't needed BTW).

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