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I'm using Mylyn for a long time but since the very beginning there is one issue I don't like and I wondering if there is any way to change this behaviour: if you activate a task and using the context UI feature, the package explorer shows the classes belonging to this tasks context AND the method you are within. Is it possible to customize/configure the Mylyn Context UI to show only the class name and NOT going deeper into the class and also showing the methods ? For me it's not convinient if the filtered package explorer view contains also the methods and it would be enough if the context visible in the package explorer shows the packages and class names only.

Kind regards DOminik

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In the package explorer you can click on the upper-right down-arrow and select 'Filters...' and filter out java members, fields, import declarations, etc. Afterwards, only packages and classes should show up.

This will work on Helios, but I know on some older version of Eclipse, Mylyn wouldn't let me change the filter while I was 'Focused' on a task. However, I could get it to work by changing the filter before putting any task in focus.

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Thanks a lot, filtering 'Java member' was exactly what I'm looking for. I've using this filter before, but never together with Mylyn. I using Helios too and -as you mentioned- one have to set the filter before you activate any task ! Thank you ! –  Dominik Jun 16 '11 at 8:08

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