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I have the Vista Home Premium operating system and I am developing an PHP web application that sends out emails.

I need to configure SMTP and I have tried several options from installing PHPmailer. btu the sad thing is it did not send an email.

Should I continue to try to figure out PHPmailer or is there a better way? If PHPmailer is the way to go, how do I go about configuring this?

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Where are you going to send those mails? You will have to configure a SMTP server that you can authenticate to. –  innaM Mar 11 '09 at 12:51
You didn't like the answers that you got to your very similar question, I guess. stackoverflow.com/questions/634029/how-to-send-mail-using-php –  innaM Mar 11 '09 at 12:53
And that other even more similar question? Those answers weren't your cup of tea either? stackoverflow.com/questions/612277/… –  innaM Mar 11 '09 at 12:54

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