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I have followed this tutorial and added iAd to my app:

But the iAd banner is neither showing in simulator nor in device. My simulator is 4.0.2 and device is 4.1. I haven't setup anything in iTunes connect yet.

What can cause the problem? Do I need anything related to itunes connect or development portal? If yes then how?


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Yes you will need to sign a contract, via the iTunesConnection portal.

Also iADs arn't available in all countries, I live in the Netherlands and have never seen an iAd in my apps.

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I don't think that this is accurate. iAd is available in some countries outside the US. – Moshe Jun 14 '11 at 15:03

Here are a few tidbits about iAd:

  • To use iAd, you need to set it up for your app in the iTunes Connect portal. This includes signing/agreeing to a contract.
  • Something to note is that apps that use iAd (and Game Center, for that matter) require a unique bundle ID, as opposed to a wildcard one.
  • Also, test ads are shown during development. Real ads are only served to live apps. If your app is live and still getting test ads, contact Apple.
  • iAd is not available everywhere.
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In non-app store versions of your app iAd will download a test advertisement. If it is not visible it will log complaints, check the console. Also check the delegate methods that iAd uses.

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No it does not require set up.

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does not require setup for test mode. to go live in the app store with iads you need account setup on – tven Aug 28 '14 at 9:02

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