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FILE *fp;
char *lineptr = NULL;
size_t len;
size_t read;
fp = fopen("test.txt","r");
if(NULL == fp)
while((read=getdelim(&lineptr,&len,33,fp))!= -1)

in test.txt i have written

before giving tab !after tab has been given

i have set ! as the delimiter but i dont see any difference between getline and getdelim in getdelim i can set the delimter but in case of getline it is newline chararcter, i want the o/p to be

 before giving tab
 after tab has been given

! shoud be taken as delimiter how can i do this using the getdelim

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are you sure you don't just want printf("%s\n",lineptr);? – Vlad Jun 14 '11 at 13:17
Note that you just can use '!' instead of 33... – Oliver Charlesworth Jun 14 '11 at 13:19

This is not tested, but try to change your printf line, so you can see the difference:

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It's doing exactly what you think it is, it's just that the first string it prints is

before giving tab !

with no new line, followed by after tab has been given

change your print to

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It's working perfectly fine (and delimiting on '!' as you requested); the only problem is that you are printing out the individual strings exactly as they come in, in a while loop.

Remember: getdelim includes the delimiter in the string (it won't remove the '!' for you).

For the given test case, the first time around the loop will give the string "before giving tab !", and the second time around the loop will give the string "after tab has been given". You are printing them both out without any newlines or anything, so your output looks just the same as the input. I suggest you print a newline after each string, but that won't get rid of the '!'. So you may want to change your print code to:

while((read=getdelim(&lineptr,&len,33,fp))!= -1)
    if (lineptr[strlen(lineptr)-1] == '!')
        lineptr[strlen(lineptr)-1] = '\0';
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char before[256], after[256];

fscanf(fp, "%255[^!]!%255[^\n]", before, after);
printf("%s\n%s", before, after);
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See man getdelim. The delim is included in the string, followed by a null character. If you want to print a string followed by an EOL, puts is the fastest way.


If you also want to remove the delim '!', add this before the puts.

lineptr[read - 1] = 0;
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