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I am using vim-latex-suite and do not get how to jump to the <++> in expanded macros.

For example, when typing SSE in insert mode, I get:


What is the exact meaning of <++> and how do I move there?

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You have to press CtrlJ.

That's a cursor placeholder, specific to the LaTeX suite. Sometimes there will be some text included. This page explains more on the suite included macros.

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Awwww, thx. I just went right into the subsections of the manual and overlooked the root-site for that section you pointed to. Thx! Shame on me. :P –  NilsHaldenwang Jun 14 '11 at 13:40
No worries @NilsHaldenwang , the problem with good documentation is that sometimes it's just too much documentation to read :-) –  sidyll Jun 14 '11 at 13:42

It's a placeholder for insertion

If my memory serves me right, you can use ctrl-J to move there.

It's a way to save key-presses when moving around.

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