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I would like to hook for all available element events in one call. Some thing like this:

elem.AddHandler(AnyRoutedEvent, (RoutedEventHandler)handler)

How can I do this?

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Try this to get all events on the Button type... You can substitute a different type.

RoutedEvent[] events = EventManager.GetRoutedEventsForOwner(typeof(Button));

foreach (RoutedEvent e in events)
   elem.AddHandler(e, handler);

You can also substitute the following to get ALL routed events for ALL types, but that would be quite a list!

RoutedEvent[] events = EventManager.GetRoutedEvents();
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You can use the RegisterClassHandler method of EventManager to staticly listen to all elements at once :)

EventManager.RegisterClassHandler(typeof(your class), Button.ClickEvent, new RoutedEventHandler(OnButtonClick));

static void OnButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    //Do awesome stuff with the button click
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