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I'v got the following code :

public class MyModule: IModule { private IRegionManager mRegionManager { get; set; }

    public CMBaseTable(IRegionManager regMan)
        mRegionManager = regMan;

    public void Initialize()
        var vs = mRegionManager.Regions["MainRegion"].Views;//<--- I get an exception here

In the line

var vs = mRegionManager.Regions["MainRegion"].Views;

I'll get an exception that says: KeyNotFoundException : "The region manager does not contain the MainRegion region."

But I'm sure that MainRegin is defined and other modules have added views in it.

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You can always take a look into the source. RegionCollection implements IEnumarable so you can iterate over the collection or you can simply use the provided function public bool ContainsRegionWithName(string regionName).

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Thanks ba__friend , after digging the source ,found the answer !! The shell must be created before iterating throw mRegionManager.Regions[]. –  Ehsan Ershadi Jun 14 '11 at 14:32
Hi Ehsan, what do you mean that the shell must be created before iterating through RegionManager regions? –  lll Jan 17 '12 at 0:57

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