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I recently inherited a code base that uses quicktime, I've noticed when importing moves using the function below it works most of the time, but then it will occasionally crash. It's weird when it crashes because it work 10 times in a row and then after it would crash the application.

I am using winapi in C for my application. IDE: Visual Studio 8 OS: Windows 7 Quicktime version: Latest

This is from the Quicktime API Docs:


Takes a movie, or a single track from within that movie, and converts it into a handle of a specified type.

OSErr PutMovieIntoTypedHandle ( Movie theMovie, Track targetTrack, OSType handleType, Handle publicMovie, TimeValue start, TimeValue dur, long flags, ComponentInstance userComp );

The Code:

Track newTrack;
FSSpec audioFile;

Movie audioFileMovie;
Track audioFileTrack;
Media audioFileMedia;
TimeValue audioTrackDuration;
long trackCount;
short audioRefNum;
TimeScale audioTimeScale;
OSErr err;
SoundDescriptionHandle outDesc, inDesc;
ComponentInstance soundComp =0;
SndListResource * slr;
SoundHeader * sh;
Handle soundData = NewHandle(0);

long     i,sampleOffset,actualSamples, sampleCount;

//Create dataRef from audioFilePath
if((err = NativePathNameToFSSpec(audioFilePath, &audioFile, kErrorIfFileNotFound)) != noErr) {
    if(err != fnfErr) {
        printf("NativePathNameToFSSpec failed. Error: %d\n", err);
        return 0;

if(noErr != OpenMovieFile(&audioFile, &audioRefNum, fsRdPerm)){
    fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't open movie file\n");
    return 0;
NewMovieFromFile(&audioFileMovie, audioRefNum, NULL, (StringPtr)NULL, newMovieActive, NULL);
if (audioRefNum != 0)

//see how many tracks there are in the audioFileMovie
trackCount = GetMovieTrackCount(audioFileMovie);

//Obtain audio track from audio movie
audioFileTrack = GetMovieIndTrack(audioFileMovie, 1);

//Obtain audio media from audioFileTrack so that we can figure out how long it is
audioFileMedia = GetTrackMedia(audioFileTrack);
audioTrackDuration = GetMediaDuration(audioFileMedia);
audioTimeScale = GetMediaTimeScale(audioFileMedia);

soundComp = OpenDefaultComponent('spit', 'snd ');
    return 1;



outDesc = (SoundDescriptionHandle) NewHandleClear(sizeof(SoundDescription));

    return 1;

outDesc[0]->descSize = sizeof(SoundDescription);
outDesc[0]->dataFormat = k8BitOffsetBinaryFormat;
outDesc[0]->numChannels = 1;
outDesc[0]->sampleSize = 8;
outDesc[0]->sampleRate = inDesc[0]->sampleRate;

MovieExportSetSampleDescription(soundComp, (SampleDescriptionHandle)outDesc, 'soun');

if( audioFileMovie && soundData && soundComp )
    MessageBox(NULL, "Entering \"PutMovieIntoTypedHandle\".\n", "Checkpoint" ,MB_OK);
    OSErr result = PutMovieIntoTypedHandle(audioFileMovie,0, 'snd ', soundData, 0, // frameTime,
                            GetMovieDuration(audioFileMovie), 0, soundComp);
    MessageBox(NULL, "Made it passed \"PutMovieIntoTypedHandle\".\n", "Checkpoint" ,MB_OK);
    return 1;
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