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    original = PythonMagick.Blob(data)
    image = PythonMagick.Image(original)
except Exception as e:
    raise errors.UnknownFileFormat()

medium = PythonMagick.Blob()
small = PythonMagick.Blob()
large = PythonMagick.Blob()
largesize = "128X128"
mediumsize = "64X64"
smallsize = "48X48"


Now, what I need is to create a base image of each of the sizes and overlay these images on top of it. So that when I show display in an img tag with fixed width and height, the browser does not stretch them. The lack of documentation is aggravating me.

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You can probably achieve what you are trying to do in CSS by background-size:cover or background-size:contain and background-position:...;. May be more complicated if trying to do other things.

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