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I have to generate comma delimited string with key-value pair based on data in excel sheet. Since picture is worth thousand words ... problem parsing excel

Top row is column name and as visualized I want to turn row 1877 into following string

8:0,9:1,10:0,11:2 ...

so format would be column_name:column_value,... Since I have lot of data to parse I'm curious if anybody can suggest the best approach to generate string that will end up in ms sql database?


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Are the column names just the column numbers? – Amy Jun 14 '11 at 15:44
yes, they are just column numbers – krul Jun 14 '11 at 15:49

If this is for a one-time load you may just want to write a formula in excel and base your load off that.


The above can be copied down for all the rows. It only covers the first 4 columns, but I think you get the point.

Again, I would only recommend this approach if this is a one-off load as it does require this manual step. For something you need to repeat you should look at the capabilities of your ETL tools (i.e. SSIS)

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Here is how I "solved" the problem of scrapping data from excel: I named two ranges Rng_Col (Column headers) and Rng_Row (Column Row) and added a button. enter image description here

than I've introduced following vba code:

Private Sub btnRun3_Click()
    'Application.SendKeys "^g ^a {DEL}"
    Dim inserStatement As String
    insertStatement = "INSERT yourTableName(field1, field2, field3) VALUES(3, "
    Dim result, finalResult As String
    Dim offset As Integer
    offset = 1
    For Each r In Range("Rng_Rows3")
        For Each c In Range("Rng_Col3")
            result = result & "," & c.Value & ":" & r.offset(0, offset).Value
            offset = offset + 1
        Next c
        offset = 1
        finalResult = insertStatement & r.Value & ", N'" & Right(result, Len(result) - 1) & "') "
        Debug.Print finalResult
        result = ""
    Next r
End Sub

I've end up with sql insert statement; hope this might help somebody ...

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