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I'm using an textarea to send text to my DB.

Screenshot of db:

enter image description here

When I'm reading from the DB it removes the line breaks, how can I keep them in $row['opmerkingen']?

enter image description here

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When displaying text, use nl2br() to convert newlines to <br/> tags, i.e., instead of <?php echo $row['text']; ?>, use <?php echo nl2br($row['text']); ?>.

By default, browsers display newlines as spaces, therefore they have to be converted to <br/> tags.

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An alternative to nl2br is to make use of the CSS attribute white-space:

white-space: pre-line;
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solved my problem, this way also automatically keep the real spaces in the text. –  Ge Rong Jan 4 at 8:53
+1 IMHO nl2br() is the alternative. Styling and formatting should be handled by CSS only, now that all modern browsers support the pre-line value of the white-space property. –  Boaz Feb 24 at 12:12

I put as follows but not working with single quotes.

echo $row['text'].'\n';

Put the double quotes. Then worked.

<textarea rows="10" cols="62" style="white-space: pre-line;" wrap="hard">
 echo $row['text']."\n";

When we getting data it is comming with \r\n. Also use the double quotes there.

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