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I'm just logging some work as I do it, each line being an action, I will be trying to do this every few minutes. Is there a trick way of inserting date/time something like:

14 June 2011 15:01:00 Downloaded source code from GIT

Would do fine... although thinking about it, inserting the date as I add a new line might be nice too..

Any other shortcuts that anyone else uses when trying to achieve similar would also be welcome.

(Win32, vim6.4)


Here is what I ended up with: I type: appending 'vlog' then a space, like so

that was 30 minutes well spent vlog

and my log entry goes:

that was 30 minutes well spent 
Jun-14 16:50 

With me ready to type the next line, thats with With the .vimrc (_vimrc) entry:

"use this for file logging 
:iab vlog <cr><c-r>=strftime("%b-%d %H:%M") <cr>

Cor! now lets get that 30 minutes back... cheers for the replies!

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Possible duplicate:… – evolve Jun 14 '11 at 14:04
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I prefer to set an abbreviation for this like:

iab xdate <c-r>=strftime("%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S")<cr>

So when I type "Downloaded source code on xdate", vim automatically expands the "xdate" to "14/06/11 hrs:mins:secs". Being in insert mode and not having to disrupt my flow of typing to either get into normal mode or press a shortcut is useful at times. Also, you can set it to a shorter combination than "xdate" if you so wish.

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Thanks very much, sorry my search skills were lacking there. So what would I need to add to that so that I when I type xdate it a)adds a new line then b) inserts the date ? (win32) – Cups Jun 14 '11 at 14:32
@Cups: Just change it to iab xdate <cr><c-r>=strftime("%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S")<cr> (I have added a <cr> before the <c-r> to introduce a carriage return, which creates a new line) – abcd Jun 14 '11 at 14:43

See here

Press F5 in normal mode or in insert mode to insert the current datestamp:

:nnoremap <F5> "=strftime("%c")<CR>P
:inoremap <F5> <C-R>=strftime("%c")<CR>
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This should help you: Insert current date or time

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