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MS Dynamics AX 2009:

I need to do this from the Purchase Order Screen, so I only have the Purchase Requisition number available from the PurchLines Table.

Your help would be really greatly appreciated as there is nothing yet on the net available (that I can find) and there are missing classes in the AX 2009 Tutorials.

All helpful answers will definitely get an upvote from me.

Edit: Purpose is to force the existing workflow to re-execute on the Purchase Requisition from "Submitted" stage when a button is clicked on the Purchase Order Screen.

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I found the answer (code) to submit it to the workflow again:

workflowCorrelationId = Workflow::activateFromWorkflowTemplate(workflowTemplateName,recId,note,NoYes::No,'userid');

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This will reset the workflow state and status fields in PurchReqTable, but it won't execute any workflow logic:

PurchReqTable::setWorkflowState(PurchReqTable::find(PurchLine.PurchReqId).RecId, PurchReqWorkflowState::Submitted);
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I would like to get the Workflow Status reset from complete to submitted so that the document can go through the existing workflow process again. – private Mar 12 '09 at 9:34

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