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I would like to zoom an image in WPF and that the image visual render be inside a constrained sized item control.

For example:

<Canvas x:Name="m_canvas" MaxWidth="300" MaxHeight="300" >
   <Image Source="..."
      Height="300" />

The zoom code:

var matrix = ((MatrixTransform)m_image.RenderTransform).Matrix;

var center = new Point(m_image.ActualWidth / 2, m_image.ActualHeight / 2);
center = matrix.Transform(center);

matrix.ScaleAt(delta.Scale.X, delta.Scale.Y, center.X, center.Y);

((MatrixTransform)m_image.RenderTransform).Matrix = matrix;

The problem is that when I'm zooming the image render size go larger that the canvas limit (300x300). I would like if the image can zoom only in the canvas.

I don't want to limit the max zoom, I want that if the render size of the image is larger that the canvas, it's stay inside. I don't want that it overlap the canvas

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You could clip to the bounds of the Canvas:

<Canvas ClipToBounds="True" ...>

But I don't understand why you're using a Canvas in the first place. It's likely that there's a much nicer way to approach your particular problem without the need for hard-coded widths and heights and without any Canvas at all.

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I'm using a canvas because I'm using touch screen events so I register to manipulation events on the canvas –  Melursus Jun 14 '11 at 14:58

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