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After freshly rebooting, I get the error in the title if I attempt to debug even the simplest, most trivial unit test.

enter image description here

It's the same problem as this question, but I don't see a good answer in there.

Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated immensely.

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We were able to solve this problem by turning off IntelliTrace. Tools->Options->IntelliTrace, uncheck "Enable IntelliTrace".

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Instead of copy pasting the answer from another question. It's better to point the OP to that question instead. – Johan Sep 20 '11 at 22:07

This is a known bug per microsoft and one of the work arounds fixed it to me:

It looks like Visual Studio insists building projects that started their life as a WCFService Application. After removing the WCF Service Application specific tags from the csproj xml files, unit tests work every time. I removed the following tags: Under Property Group: Remove ProjectTypeGuids and StartArguments Remove entire ProjectExtensions node

FYI, to edit a project file first right click and unload the project. Then right click again and edit project file. The removed attributes shouldn't affect the running of the WCF service


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