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I have a need to create a <br/> tag in the display label for a menu item generated using Zend_navigation, but don't seem to be able to find a way to do so.

My navigation item is defined in the XML config as:

<label>Register your Slitter Rewinder</label>                   

I want to force a
tag in the output HTML between 'your' and 'slitter', such that it appears on two line as below:

Register your Slitter Rewinder

However, I can't seem to do it. obviously using
in the XML breaks parsing, and using html entities means that the lable is displayed as:

Register your <br/>Slitter Rewinder

Has anyone had experience of this that can offer advice?

Thanks in advance!

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there is no such option built-in you have to use a partial

$partial = array('menu.phtml', 'default');
echo $this->navigation()->menu()->render();


you may also try a hack with <label><![CDATA[Menu label<br/>Second line]]></label>

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I found a (hacky) solution:

I updated my navigation.xml to use {br} tokens wherever a <br/> tag is required, and then amended the base Zend/View/Helper/Navigation/Menu.php file as follows:

within htmlify function, changed



str_replace("{br}", "<br/>", $label)

I could (and probably will) override the Zend Library Menu View Helper with my own at some point, but this at least cover it for now.

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there is a escapeLabels boolean used to convert html tags and it's true by default.

You can set your navigation like this



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