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I'm trying to use Async CTP for WP7 , but when I'm including AsyncCtpLibrary_Phone.dll, ID_CAP_LOCATION capability it's detected by CapabilityDetection. Obvious, I don't use and Location service in my project. Thanks, Alex

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I can't understand your question - please could you edit it? – Jon Skeet Jun 14 '11 at 16:08
It might be internal to the library as it has been mentioned here: Are you sure there are no other libraries or controls in your project that could require the Location capability (e.g. Analytics or Map control) – keyboardP Jun 14 '11 at 16:27
I'm sure I don't have any other library that could require Location capability. If I remove AsyncCtpLibrary from project, ID_CAP_LOCATION is not detected anymore. Maybe someone else can confirm this issue ? – Alex Troto Jun 14 '11 at 18:02
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AsyncCtpLibrary_Phone.dll includes the method ResolveAddressTaskAsync which takes parameters from the System.Device.Location namespace.

The capability detection process determines the need for the "ID_CAP_LOCATION" by analysing all DLLs in the XAP and looking for use of this namespace. This is the case whether you use that code in your app or not.

There is no way round this in 7.0. However, tThe detection rules in 7.1 are more specific with regards "ID_CAP_LOCATION" so this shouldn't be the case.

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