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I am trying to retrieve project information from Microsoft Project Server Project web service.

I use gSOAP to implement the client. Here is how my code looks like:

if ( project.ReadProjectStatus(&read_project_status_message, &read_project_status_response) == SOAP_OK )
    ofstream project_info("C:\\PROJECTINFO.XML");   
    project_info << read_project_status_response.ReadProjectStatusResult->__any;

Although the response from project server looks like:

<soap:Envelope ...>
    <soap:Body ...>
        <ReadProjectStatusResponse ...>
                <xs:schema ...>
                </xs:schema ...>
                <diffgr:diffgram ...>
                    <ProjectDataSet ...>

when I open the file PROJECTINFO.XML (in which read_project_status_response.ReadProjectStatusResult->__any is written), I can see only the

<xs:schema ...>

part. Nothing about the project information.

Anyone knows why this happens and how I can retrieve project status info using gsoap?

Thanks in advance.

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