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i'm adapting an existing web application to use with a touch scrren on a kiosk. I have two radio buttons in the normal web interface that of course are not usable.

What's the best thing to use instead of them?

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Radio buttons should be quite usable in a touch interface. After all, they are specifically modeled on a real-world "touch" interface.

If your real problem is "My radio buttons are too small to touch with the particular setup I have here", and you can't convince your device to scale things up (e.g. by specifying a width and height in CSS), your best bet would probably be to emulate radio buttons using Javascript and your own images, and a hidden form field.

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In the real world unfurtunatly we still have 3 years old kiosks with orrible touch control!Thx for the advice, the image idea looks good! – Nicola Peluchetti Jun 14 '11 at 16:52

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