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I have a problem with installing OpenGL (and GLut) and using it with Ocaml.

I have tried many different packages (under both Linux and Windows) and always got problems about not found modules or other.

What will be easier : Linux or Windows? What should i exactly do? Which package of bindings is the best? ( are bindings is enough or i need to download some other things?)

Could anyone describe it step by step in a way that can be easy to follow?

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show the exact steps and errors you get – ygrek Jun 15 '11 at 7:36

Here are the exact steps :

sudo aptitude install liblablgl-ocaml-dev
cp /usr/share/doc/liblablgl-ocaml-dev/examples/ .
ocamlfind ocamlopt -linkpkg -package lablgl.togl -o simple
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I don't have the motivation to walk you through the installation process at the moment, but here are some (hopefully helpful) comments:

You generally want to use OCaml in *NIX because OCaml shows a very clear bias toward it. In particular, its debugger and profiler are not available in Windows.

One issue I randomly run into when installing new libraries in Linux (which may be a sign that I'm doing something dumb, come to think of it; oh, well) is permissions errors causing module loading errors. Try tracking down where the relevant libraries were installed and check that they're accessible (e.g. try lsing them as a user; seeing them in a directory is not enough).

For example, I recently installed OCamlMPI but was getting errors about it not being able to find modules even when I gave full paths to them.
It turned out that the directory it was stored in ($(ocamlc -where)/ocamlmpi) had a modmask of 0744 (i.e. drwxr--r--) when it should have had 0755 (i.e. drwxr-xr-x). After the permissions were changed, the modules loaded and worked just fine.

In fact, that's actually a problem I've run into when installing Python modules, too. Maybe I am doing something dumb somewhere.

Anyway, I hope that helps. :)

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ocamldebug works natively on windows since 3.11.0. ocamlprof is OS-independent I believe and gprof works fine with mingw port at least. – ygrek Jun 15 '11 at 7:40
Oh, right on. Outdated documentation is outdated. Thanks! – koschei Jun 15 '11 at 16:24

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