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I am trying to create a treeview using the PrimeFaces <p:tree> component. I copied the sample code from the PrimeFaces 3.0 Showcase and I have a simple treeview displaying very simple static content that is declared programmatically on the backing bean.

One of the showcase examples shows how you can assign icons (the JQueryUI type) to a <p:treeNode> in the Facelet code. That's nice eye-candy for the showcase, but how can I assign the icon via the associated TreeNode in the backing bean code? I don't see any getter/setter/method listed in the Javadocs.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I'm using the PrimeFaces 3.0-M2-SNAPSHOT.

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You can just use EL in the icon attribute.


<p:treeNode icon="#{item.icon}">

or, more generic (the #{item.type} can return e.g. document, image, etc)

<p:treeNode icon="ui-icon ui-icon-#{item.type}">
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