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I am writing a program which interprets a Befunge(93) program.
As you know, Befunge has special command, 'p'.
This command puts some given (by the program itself) character into the 'codespace' itself, for which I am curious about this very problem.
I have made all the other things done well, including the execution of the command 'p'.
But I couldn't make the codespace (which I implemented with a JTextArea) dynamically interact with 'p' code.

I mean, when the Befunge program begins to run, I save the JTextArea into a 80*25 char array, and all the operations are done in the array.
The 'p' command, also is operated only internally, merely replacing a character on the array. (and not the source JTextArea)

I want to visualize the change of the codespace, so I am asking:

How do you replace a character at, say (2, 3), in a JTextArea, with another character?

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What about word wrap? –  SLaks Jun 14 '11 at 17:41

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According to javadoc it might be done by

int lineNumber = 2;
int charAtLineOffset = 3;

int offset = area.getLineStartOffset(lineNumber) + charAtLineOffset;
area.replaceRange(new String(newChar), offset , offset + 1);
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something like this maybe?

void replaceChar(int row, int col, char replaceChar)
    int lineOffset = jTextArea.getLineStartOffset(row);
    jTextArea.replaceRange(new String(replaceCHar), lineOffset + col, lineOffset + col + 1);
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