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Using the TFS API, I need to change permissions on a specified file/item in version control. I need to edit permissions for a particular user or for all users.

For instance, my app will prevent check-in of a specified file for all users. Then, it would allow check-in of that file for a particular user, perform check in of the file, then allow check-in again for all users.

How can I do this? Please provide example code.

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TFS API can be used to accomplish this but I seriously think you are trying to do something that you shouldn't. Can you clarify why you need something like this? Maybe we can come up with an alternative solution. –  e-mre Jun 16 '11 at 12:33

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With guidance from Vicky Song at Microsoft (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/tfsversioncontrol/thread/289fb1f4-4052-41f1-b2bf-f97cd6d9e389/), here is what I ended up with:

public void SetCheckInLockForFile(string fileAndPath, string userGroup, bool checkInLock)
  // sets of the CheckIn permission for the specified file

  List<SecurityChange> changes = new List<SecurityChange>();
  string[] perm = new string[] { PermissionChange.ItemPermissionCheckin };

  if (checkInLock)
    changes.Add(new PermissionChange(fileAndPath, userGroup, null, perm, null));
    changes.Add(new PermissionChange(fileAndPath, userGroup, null, null, perm));

  SecurityChange[] actualChanges = versionControlServer.SetPermissions(changes.ToArray());


When CheckInLock is true, a deny permission is added for check in. When CheckInLock is false, the check in permission is removed, allowing check in permission for the specified file to be inherited.

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