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I'm writing a sample test with Watir where I navigate around a site with the IE class, issue queries, etc.. That works perfectly.

I want to continue by using PageContainer's methods on the last page I landed on. For instance, using its HTML method on that page.

Now I'm new to Ruby and just started learning it for Watir.

I tried asking this question on OpenQA, but for some reason the Watir section is restricted to normal members.

Thanks for looking at my question.

edit: here is a simple example

require "rubygems"
require "watir"

test_site = "http://wiki.openqa.org/"

browser = Watir::IE.new


# now if I want to get the HTML source of this page, I can't use the IE class 
# because it doesn't have a method which supports that

# the PageContainer class, does have a method that supports that
# I'll continue what I want to do in pseudo code

Store HTML source in text file

# I know how to write to a file, so that's not a problem;
# retrieving the HTML is the problem.
# more specifically, using another Watir class is the problem.

Close browser

# end
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Someone out there must have an idea... anyone? –  Dennis Mar 11 '09 at 20:24

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Currently, the best place to get answers to your Watir questions is the Watir-General email list.

For this question, it would be nice to see more code. Is the application under test (AUT) opening a new window/tab that you were having trouble getting to and therefore wanted to try the PageContainer, or is it just navigating to a second page?

If it is the first one, you want to look at #attach, if it is the second, then I would recommend reading the quick start tutorial.

Edit after code added above:

What I think you missed is that Watir::IE includes the Watir::PageContainer module. So you can call browser.html to get the html displayed on the page to which you've navigated.

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Mandersn, please check the edit I made to the original post. –  Dennis Mar 11 '09 at 18:11

I agree. It seems to me that browser.html is what you want.

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