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I am using jqueryui.com's autocomplete function and I would like it to add the values in a datalist if the input has the list attribute and a remote json source if it has the src attribute.

As far as I can tell I should be able to do:

$(function() {
    $( ".keywords" ).autocomplete({
        //determine dom object that called this
        //if dom object has list attribute
            //walk though dataset with id = list attribute
                //add to source
        //elseif dom object has src attribute
            //add url data to source

but I am not very familiar with javascript, how would I extract the dom object, then test it's attributes?

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I'm surprised that after asking 44 questions, you couldn't format your own code. If you don't know how, just highlight the code, and click the {} code sample button at the top. –  user113716 Jun 14 '11 at 18:40
+1 whoops, forgot. thanks. Usually not an issue. –  Tyson of the Northwest Jun 14 '11 at 19:01

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No, you can't do it directly like that, but you could do this:

$( '.keywords' ).each(function() {
  var field = this;
    blah: $(field).attr('blah'), // etc

You don't really need the "field" intermediate to hold the this value, but I think it makes things a little less confusing in cases like this.

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+1 Woo, good one, so I can now switch data sources. all I need now is to figure out how to walk the datalist –  Tyson of the Northwest Jun 14 '11 at 19:03

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