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I have a bunch of .mp3 files with really lousy names, and im looking to write a program that can rename each and every one into a legitamate recognizing name. I am looking for a library that could

  1. get the name of a mp3 file, and rename that file
  2. create new directories, and move certain files

If anyone knows a good library to use, or if C++ already has it built in, let me know please!

Thanks alot!

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I suggest using Boost.Filesystem.

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rename() is in the standard library.

For most of the rest, consider Boost Filesystem.

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If I were you, I would use boost::filesystem.

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boost::filesystem seems like the winner, but QDir and QFile are pretty nice too. I've been happy with how Qt does things in a platform invisible (to me) way. If you don't want to check out boost for some reason, you may want to consider Qt.

I'm not saying anything negative about boost, I just figured this might be a helpful alternative.

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