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I'm trying to search an array for lines that contain $inbucket[0]. Some of my $inbucket[0] values include special characters. This script does exactly what I want it to, until I hit a special character.

I want the query to be case insensitive, match any part of the string $var, and process the special characters literally, as if they weren't special. Any ideas?


sub loopthru() {
    warn "Loopthru begun on $inbucket[0]\n";
    foreach $c (@chat) {
        $var = $c->msg;
        $lookfor2 = $inbucket[0];
        if ( $var =~ /$lookfor2/i ) {
            ($to,$from) = split('-',$var);
            $from =~ s/\.$//;
            print MYFILE "$to\t$from\n";
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You can use quotemeta, which returns the value of its argument with all non-"word" characters backslashed.

$lookfor2 = quotemeta $inbucket[0];

Or you can use the \Q escape, which is discussed in perlre. In short, it will quote (disable) pattern metacharacters until \E is encountered.

if ( $var =~ /\Q$lookfor2/i ) {
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A trip to the obvious: \Q ..... \E doesn't escape sigils ($ or @); Variable interpolation occurs at an earlier stage in the parsing. –  DavidO Jun 14 '11 at 21:27
That works. Thank you! –  McLuvin Jun 15 '11 at 22:46

I think you are looking for $var =~ /\Q$lookfor2/i

perl faq

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