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Table EmployeebySet: [**IdEmployee, IdSet**, Name, Date]
Table Employee: [IdEmployee, Name, Age...]
Table Set: [IdSet, Date, Name...]

I'm work with NHibernate, I have some tables, and making the test with NUnit. So, I have a problem in this method, when I want to obtain some data in table EmployeebySet by IdEmployee or IdSet. I think the problem is because the PrimaryKey is a composite. (IdEmployee, IdSet)

public EmployeebySet GetEmployeebySet_byIdEmployee(int IdEmployee) 
            using (ISession session = NHibernateSessionBuilder.OpenSession())
                return session.Get<EmployeebySet>(IdEmployee);

But when I give IdEmployee = 3, in the last line occurs this error InvalidCastException System.Int32

What can I do?.

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Since you're dealing with composite keys you will have to structure your test to pass both keys in:

public EmployeebySet GetEmployeebySet_byIdEmployeeAndIdSet(int IdEmployee, int IdSet)
    using (ISession session = NHibernateSessionBuilder.OpenSession())
        return session.Get<EmployeebySet>(
            new EmployeebySet 
                IdEmployee = IdEmployee,
                IdSet = IdSet
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