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I have a .bat that calls 3 PowerShell scripts Basically the bat file looks like this


After the Pscript1 the batch file does not execute Pscript2 or Pscript3, it stops and does not seem to return control to the batch file. Does anyone know what might cause this problem ?

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please post your batch script. you probably need to use call or start /wait before each of their names. – Caley Woods Jun 14 '11 at 19:35
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In a batch file you would typically use && or || depending on whether or not you wanted the subsequent commands to run based on the success of previous commands e.g.:

powershell.exe .\PScript1.ps1 && powershell.exe .\PScript2.ps1

This invocation would execute the following command only if the preceeding command succeeded. You also need to specify powershell.exe as the EXE. The default action for a .ps1 is to open the file for editing.

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