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I want to take an image from a file as input through Image From File Block in simulink and perform a simple xor operation on this image, and then display it with the changes i have made with the code in Embedded Matlab Function Block. But i am unable to do so, i think the loops i have used here are not working. please help me solving this problem. Thanks.

function vout  = scr(pframe)

%# calculates a statistical mean and a standard
%# deviation for the values in vals.


for ro =1:row

    for cl =1:col
        for clrr=1:clr

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You haven't explained the specific problem you are getting. In addition, you should be following the advice you got in your previous related questions (here and here) regarding how you can perform this operation without using loops (hint: vout = bitxor(pframe,66);). –  gnovice Jun 16 '11 at 3:54
Thnx, I am writing a code for ths operation in Embedded matlab function block in Simulink. And the coding syntax is different from matlab .m file in simulink. Loops does not run more than one iteration and i dnt knw what to do with this,,, thnx for helping. –  Farooq Jun 17 '11 at 18:54

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