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Why is there no batchSelect in JDBC?

Is there some good way to handle select for multiple keys or ids?

Creating a query matching the length of all possible keys seem silly, because the database couldn't reuse prepared statements. Using stored procedures is very database dependant.

Are their any better ways?

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Use the IN clause. E.g.

    id, name, value 
    id IN (1, 13, 42)

This returns the entities having an id of 1, 13 and 42 in a ResultSet with 3 rows.

Using the IN clause in a JDBC PreparedStatement is however not exactly trivial. As to how to do this, check this question: What is the best approach using JDBC for parameterizing an IN clause?

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I hope you dint answer the OP question(my question too) "Why is there no batchSelect in JDBC?"... – Stunner Oct 10 '13 at 10:45

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