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I have a Maven project that was built a few years back, and now I need to make some updates. One of the dependencies to my project has a Maven repository listed in its POM that no longer exists. I get build failures now.

I would have thought the repository listings in my POM or Settings.xml would trump any repositories listed in a dependency's POM; or Maven would try my repositories after failing to connect to the extinct repository. Instead, it just bombs out with a build failure.

Additionally, I already have the required dependencies in my local repository. I would have additionally thought that Maven would just use that.

Is there a way to override the inherited repository listings, or tell Maven to carry-on in the case of a repo problem?

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If the artifact that you depend on is a snapshot version then maven will check for a new snapshot every time you build, thats why it is a good practice to lock down your dependencies to a released version.

You can "override" the repository declarations by defining a <mirror> in the settings.xml.


I usually set up a locally hosted repository manager (preferably nexus) and then define mirrorOf(*) = local-repo-manager/url.
Nexus allows multiple repo's to be grouped with a predefined search order. Nexus repo's can be locally hosted or caching/proxies to public repo's.
I usually have a locally hosted 3rd party repo at the front of the group, where I can store artifacts that are not published on public repo's.

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