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Just learning CakePHP and its Bake feature.

I tried to run

../cake/console/cake bake

from the app folder, but I get the error

../cake/console/cake: Permission denied

chmod 777 nor chmod +x don't work. I still get permission denied.

Also tried setting permissions thru the Properties window, but when I check "Allow executing file as program", it changes right back to unchecked.

If it makes any difference, my www/ folder is on an NTFS mounted partition. I used xampp on Windows before, and when I switched to Linux, www/ is still in that NTFS partition, and I just had my Apache in Linux point to that folder.

Any suggestions?

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i added ntfs and linux tags, since this sounds like a system problem –  David Chan Jun 14 '11 at 22:15

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the default linux ntfs driver cannot properly handle permissions settings on NTFS devices.

you need to look into the NTFS-3G drivers.

this might help http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/11757/ntfs-under-linux

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In case it helps anyone, what I ended up doing is that I changed Apache's www folder location to ~/www and did my baking there. When I was done, I restored Apache's www folder to my NTFS partition, then copied into it my newly-baked application.

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