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I got a question that is driving me crazy. I have a DIRECTORY_LISTING event, that is executed with the files in a directory. This code is n a method o a class that only does the return a array with this informations (the code is above). How can I add a return of this array on a method in the DocumentClass that invoke and receive this value?

//Lista arquivos
public function listaArquivos(diretorio:File, nome_arquivo:String, 
                              lista_molduras:Array, index:int):Array {
    //Tenta fazer tudo isso
        //Seta o diretoório de molduras
        var directory = diretorio;

        //Percorre arquivos
        function listaHandler(evento):void {
            var i:int = 0;
            var contents = evento.files;
            for (i = 0; i < contents.length; i++) {
                var nome:String = contents[i].name;
                var nome_array:Array = new Array();
                nome_array = nome.split("_");
                //Formata para ordenar
                arquivos_animacao.push ({nome:contents[i].name,
                    tamanho:contents[i].size, ordem:nome_array[0]});
            //Ordena para a ordem de númeração
            arquivos_animacao.sortOn("ordem", Array.NUMERIC);
            lista_molduras[index] = arquivos_animacao;
    } catch(erro:ReferenceError) {
    return lista_molduras;
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Do you mean that you want to dispatch an event that has an array attached to it? If so, I can provide some example code and an explanation on how to do this. –  Marty Jun 14 '11 at 23:44

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var arListaArquivos:Array = listaArquivos();

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Sorry 2smacks, but I alredy do this to receive the value, and is always null, because I have the event (listaHandler), that does not return value. If I get the peropertie from Document Class, also, is always null too, because the listaHandler is not finished yet. –  Marcos Jun 14 '11 at 23:34

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