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How do people working with XSB Prolog do unit testing? Is there a library available? Or is it possible to somehow use SWI-Prolog's plunit library in XSB?

If there is not an available testing library for XSB (or other Prologs no compatibles with plunit), maybe a variation of this question could be: How do you test your Prolog code ? Do you use a favorite pattern for testing it ?

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Perhaps a bit of explanation about "unit-testing" would encourage replies. I'm puzzled as to why a programmer needs a special tool for that. – hardmath Jun 19 '11 at 0:54
It isn't that a programmer "needs" a special library for unit testing. You can test as you wish using any technique you think is effective and efficient. However, it happens that this is a quite repetitive task, where you find yourself again and again defining fixtures, writing individual (unit) tests, using common testing expressions (I know this one is a bit arguable), defining cleaning tasks, and selecting one|a group|all of your tests to be executed. If there isn't a good existing library for this, you will have to define your own conventions and program support for these repetitive tasks. – Sergio Jun 19 '11 at 20:12
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After a bit of research I decided giving a try to lgtunit (, a Logtalk library for unit testing.

I found it quite easy to use and what I was looking for. A short tutorial can be found here:

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