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Anyone knows how to perform RGB histogram matching on two colored images?

for example this is an image to be re-mapped:

image to be re-mapped

and this is a target image

target image

Then the RGB remapped image look like this

re-mapped image

here is what I did so far, in this code I took two color images im1 and im2

I took the im1 which is the one that has to be remapped then broke it up into

its colors then I took each color of im1 and used histeq to match their histograms to

each color in im2.

I don't know how to reconstruct the re-mapped image from the colors I matched, any help please that would be nice??:

im1 = imread('Atlas-Mer.png');
im2 = imread('techno-trs.png');

Red1 = im1(:, :, 1);
Green1 = im1(:, :, 2);
Blue1 = im1(:, :, 3);
Red2 = im2(:, :, 1);
Green2 = im2(:, :, 2);
Blue2 = im2(:, :, 3);

red2n = histeq(Red2,HnRed1);
green2n = histeq(Green2,HnGreen1);
blue2n = histeq(Blue2,HnBlue1);
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Just curious: Is there a useful application for this one? –  belisarius Jun 15 '11 at 3:59

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You can just do:

im2(:, :, 1) = red2n;


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ye just figured it out thanks though!!! –  Glove Jun 15 '11 at 1:04

Well it's been months since the original question was posted but I think everyone can use an alternative approach to what was suggested: the following code puts the three color channels into one RGB image:

rgb_out = cat(3, red2n, green2n, blue2n);

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+1. Never is too late for a good answer. –  Isaac Oct 15 '12 at 11:39

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