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I'm running an Ant zip task to zip the whole contents of a directory on Unix systems:

<zip destfile="${deploy}/test.zip">
    <zipfileset dir="/home/mydir" />

After the zip is created, and checking the contents, I can see that some config files, Visual Studio specific files and others like the Mac OS .DS_STORE file are left out the zip.

Is there any rule ant follows to decide what files will not be included?

I need to know in advance since I need to create a list of existing files on that directory before zipping (currently using Java). Right now I'm excluding all directories and hidden files (using File.isHidden() and isDirectory() methods) , but the list is still getting some of the file Ant lefts out (for example, vssver.scc

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Try this:

<defaultexcludes echo="true"/>


Note that this is used across all Ant taks that use filesets, not just the zip task.

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From the docs, or use Konstantin's solution to inspect your particular installation:

There are a set of definitions that are excluded by default from all directory-based tasks. As of Ant 1.8.1 they are:


Ant 1.8.2 adds the folllowing default excludes:

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This is also the reason why the Jenkins Clone workspace SCM plugin does not clone the .git directory. (see linked question) – Amedee Van Gasse Jan 26 at 14:00

Excelent Ant Zip Task Reference is here: http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/zip.html

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