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I'm trying to test Rasumus Andersson's ec2-webapp but it is all scripted in Move and I'm having trouble getting Move working.

I installed it with 'npm install move' per the instructions, but when I try to run a Move script (like ec2-webapp/bin/myapp-httpd/mv), I get the error:

/usr/bin/env: move: No such file or directory

When I change the shebang in that script to a direct link to the move installation (#!/var/ec2-webapp/src/node/node_modules/move/bin).

-bash: bin/myapp-httpd.mv: /var/ec2-webapp/src/node/node_modules/move/bin: bad interpreter: Permission denied

I'm not sure how to get Move into env correctly, any suggestions?

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I was just following the same tutorial by Rasumus Andersson and ran into the very same problem.

When you install npm modules, you can install them locally or globally. http://blog.nodejs.org/2011/03/23/npm-1-0-global-vs-local-installation/

When I installed move globally, the error went away:

sudo npm -g install move
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