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I've been following Stuart's tutorial at

and have been having a problem:

  • I get a NoMethodError in UsersController#link_user_accounts; Rails doesn’t seem to recognize “facebook_session”. I have facebooker installed and have successfully authenticated using the normal Facebook API methods.

Has anyone tried this before? Anyone know what might be wrong? It seems that somehow the Facebooker library isn't getting fully loaded...

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Which Ruby on Rails version are you using? – Swanand Aug 12 '09 at 12:17

If you're trying to integrate Facebook Connect authentication to your application, I would strongly recommend switching from restful_authentication to Authlogic. It has an addon that gives you easy to use access to Facebook Connect.

You can download an example app that uses Authlogic here to take a look.

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For the facebook-session to work, all files should be at the correct domain. Have you got all the files / libraries on the same domain?

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