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I want to know if it is possible to view a PDF file in a webapp of some kind, then be able to trace over lines in the PDF file and submit the lengths to an MySQL database. Basically import a PDF file, trace around a shape in that PDF file and save those values.

I work with House plans and this would make my job a lot easier.

Is it possible? and can someone point me in the right direction on where to read more. I know its possible to pull text from a PDF file, I've seen heaps of info on how to do that using various libraries, but nothing on a Vector shape (house plan).

If it's not possible in PHP which language should I look into, the only reason I ask is because I have basic skills in PHP and have already written some simple apps that help me out, this would just be the final touch to make my job easier.


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Parsing PDFs is a world of pain... And PHP is probably as good language to jump into this as any other. I would recommend you to start your research with GhostScript, it has a CLI interface which could be accessed by php

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