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Do you guys know if there is a version of the Google Maps API for C++ which works using local maps rather than having to connect to a Google server?

The application is the plotting of GPS positions in an area with no internet coverage.

Thanks in advance.

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I can tell you that there's definitely no such thing - you need a GIS/mapping engine and a dataset. If it has to be free, OpenStreetMap is probably your best bet for the latter. – Nick Johnson Jun 16 '11 at 4:49

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As an alternative for Google Maps, you might want to have a look at OpenStreetMap. (See also the usage and software sections on Wikipedia)

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You can download and store map tiles (png files) using the google maps static API, and then reread those once stored images without reconnecting to the server. You'll have to write the whole download and management stuff yourself (i.e. using boost::asio for download etc. - i don't know of such a library), and you probably need to acquire a Google premier license, as google strongly restricts the anonymous usage of the static api. But technically thats possible.

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