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Is there any equivalent to FileInputStream in J2ME?

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You should use FileConnection from JSR 75. Here is a short example of using file connection for reading file:

public void showFile(String fileName) {
   try {
      FileConnection fc = (FileConnection)
         Connector.open("file:///CFCard/" + fileName);
      if(!fc.exists()) {
         throw new IOException("File does not exist");
      InputStream is = fc.openInputStream();
      byte b[] = new byte[1024];
      int length = is.read(b, 0, 1024);
         ("Content of "+fileName + ": "+ new String(b, 0, length));
   } catch (Exception e) {

Please take a look here for more info.

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Agreed, the FileConnection and it's getInputStream method will are the closest you will get to a FileInputStream. Here's a quick tutorial with source code:


You will find more information on this page:


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If you are only concerned with files in the JAR file, then have a look at getResourceAsStream method, the device does not need to have JSR 75 to use it.

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