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I have an xml response coming from a webservice:

<ns2:response xmlns:ns2="http://abc.com">
    <description>Error while processing the request.Please contact customercare</description>

How do I unmarshall when the xml schema is in this format. <error> is part of the root element <response>.

I am using Restful client and using resttemplate to make the request to the server. My applicationcontext.xml uses org.springframework.http.converter.xml.MarshallingHttpMessageConverter for marshalling and unmarshalling the request and response XMLs.

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Do you have an xsd? I presume element should be defined in your xsd

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presumably, you have a schema for the response element, where it has a reference to the error element, which is in a separate schema (unfortunately, schemas cannot have more than one namespace in the same file). the separate schema file with the error element will have no targetNamespace.

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