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I am making a application in which i need to show annotations on map view .But whenever i pass the annotation pin with same lat lon value then i do not get all the callouts . For example say my latitude is 22.25455 and longitude is 72.324324 which i looped in for 10 times so i pass a plcemark array with 10 object and i get one annotation pin which is correct but when i click to get callout i do not get 10 callout but only get maximum 3 callout .

Is the problem with coding part or is is that maximum 3 callouts are allowed for same lat lon annotation pin . Hope i am clear with my question .

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MapKit allows you to have as many pins as you want at the same coordinate - but the problem is that other than the pins' shadows darkening, it looks like a single pin. And you can't select the different pins.

In other words: Don't add multiple pins to the same latitude and longitude!

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