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I am trying to make an application that transfers Strings of data from my Android phone to my Laptop running Windows 7 (and Vice-Versa) over Bluetooth.

I figured that I would open up a Server-Socket on the Windows Machine and program the Android app to start a Client-Socket. But being aware that Android SDP(Service Discovery Protocol) and connects By a UUID, created a point where in I am confused.

Confused on how I should start up a server socket on the Server Side Using the Windows API. MY Question is whether android will detect the server socket if I merely start a Bluetooth socket with

SOCKET sock_s, sock_c;
SOCKADDR_BTH add1,add2;
        if ( sock_s == INVALID_SOCKET )
            return -2;

        //Clearing the SOCKADDR_BTH variable


Or is there another way to create a server socket that follows the SDP protocol on the MICROSOFT stack?

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Guys any help would be good !! –  Sky Diploma Jun 15 '11 at 7:24

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Do you have to use native code on the Windows box? If not use my library (32feet.NET) its make such things easy e.g. Bluetooth Server-side:

Class MyConsts
  Shared ReadOnly MyServiceUuid As Guid _
    = New Guid("{00112233-4455-6677-8899-aabbccddeeff}")
End Class

  Dim lsnr As New BluetoothListener(MyConsts.MyServiceUuid)
  ' Now accept new connections, perhaps using the thread pool to handle each
  Dim conn As New BluetoothClient = lsnr.AcceptBluetoothClient()
  Dim peerStream As Stream = conn.GetStream()

You could even 32feet.NET use it from C++ with C+++/CLR.

Or IIRC there is a simple way to get Windows WSASetService to add a basic SDP record for your server socket (if you don't have a custom record to add). Or get the RFCOMM port number from the Windows socket (getsockname) and tell the Android app to connect directly to that port number -- assuming it can do that...

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thank you for your reply Alan, To be very honest with you. I have never used .NET before and am pretty speculative whether I can use your library. Looking at the above code you have presented I see that it would make my life very easy if I did go for it. I look forward to using that. On the other side, can you guide me on how I could setup the basic SDP record? that would point to the socket I have created? Cause most of my code is already written for NATIVE code. –  Sky Diploma Jun 15 '11 at 12:11

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